Monday, September 10, 2012

Cricket Creek again: September 3, 2012

For Labor Day we decided that we didn't want to travel too far from home for our walk, so headed to Cricket Creek again. No deer this time, but it was the perfect time of day/year to hear why it was called Cricket Creek! If I can get it loaded, I did take a video of one of the meadow areas with the symphony of the crickets.

This time we parked at the Fullerton parking lot and walked north from Fullerton to Lake street before heading back south towards the ponds. It was a cooler day, but sunny, and there is no ready source of shade, so make sure to reapply sunscreen. I didn't and I had a very red back for a few days.

The fine gravel is great for strollers, although it makes for some dusty feet/wheels. The terrain is relatively level, so no worries about hills. Cricket creek is part of the Salt Creek trail, so lots of bikers around. No model boating that I saw, but they do have one of the three ponds dedicated to that. The other two are for pole fishing, and we did see a few people trying their luck.

Other than the sunburn it was a satisfying walk, and we even did about 4 miles instead of our usual 3.