Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Detour: Wisconsin Dells Day 2, Aug 18

Day 2: Saturday August 18th

I had lots planned for Saturday, and due to our nearly 5 month old not liking the pack n play, we got up around 5:30am (not the first time I was up that night). We took our time getting ready, and headed to Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty shortly after 7. The platter style food serving wasn't great for our low carb diet, and we definitely went overboard as though we only got refills on the meat and eggs, we couldn't let the pancakes, donuts, and potatoes go to waste. Oh, and what donuts they were! Definitely homemade, and very delicious. My big boy kept going on about them, and when I let him have my phone so he would sit for a bit, he snapped about a dozen photos of his donuts! He also was very considerate of the mess and helped to clear off the table by giving a waitress behind us his milk carton when he was done- she thought he was adorable. After breakfast we took the necessary photos with Mr Paul Bunyan himself and then headed downtown for a while.

We are big fans of downtown Lake Geneva- full of quaint little shops that sell a variety of different items and overall give you the feeling that you are on a nice relaxing vacation. Well, Wisconsin Dells is not that. Every other shop was selling loud, fluorescent t-shirts. There were about 3 identical old time photo studios, 4-5 identical fudge shops, and the atmosphere was more like Vegas than Lake Geneva. We didn't actually go in to many of the shops as they didn't seem very child friendly, but we did stop by and get some sugar free taffy and fudge from one of the nicer looking fudge shops. We also stopped by the visitor center which was very child friendly- it had a little area with toys (mostly duplos) and it gave our big boy a place to play while I fed our little guy and my husband walked back to the car to pay for another 2 hours (did I mention that there is no free parking?). From the visitor center we stopped by a grocery store for a little better deal on some beverages, and then walked a little more to try and get in some of our 10,000 steps.

After experiencing downtown Wisconsin Dells, we were ready for a little more relaxing of a setting. I had heard great things about the Deer Park, so we headed on over and bought two packages of crackers to feed the deer (and goats and other critters). It was a blast seeing our timid big boy go from putting the crackers on the ground in front of the deer to holding Mommy's hand while feeding the deer, to letting the deer lick off of his hand and feeding two goats at once. He had a great time, as did the rest of us, but by the time we were done everyone was ready for a nap. The boys napped in the car on the way back to the hotel, and after resting a little bit we were off to the waterpark.

Day 2 of the waterpark went much better than Day 1. We got our big boy to try one of the kiddie waterslides, and his first ride down he got a little water over his head, spluttered, and then yelled "again"! He wasn't willing to try another slide, so we took turns catching him at the bottom of the slide and when I got tired from carrying our little guy we convinced him to go to another children's pool section where I could sit while his Papi watched him go down a less complex waterslide. We also tried the outdoor pool a bit, but that got cold and so after about 15 minutes we convinced him it was time to go have dinner.

After changing we drove to Buffalo Phil's, where trains can bring food to the table. We decided not to wait the 45 minutes for a train table, and I'm glad we did as the kids were not supposed to touch the trains, and I think we would have had a horrible time keeping our big boy from pulling it off the track. He got a kick out of watching the train move around the nearby tables, and the train that circled above the bar. The food was pretty good- we stuck with low carb wraps and salads, and afterwards we were too exhausted to go for an additional walk (plus it was getting dark as it was after 8pm) so we just went back to the hotel and relaxed in the room watching WALL-E until the kids passed out.

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