Friday, August 10, 2012

Lake Renwick - August 4, 2012

Since we were going down for a birthday party in the area, we planned on stopping by this preserve before the party for lunch and a walk. Well, we didn't get ready on time, so we stopped before for lunch, but had to wait until after the party for our walk. It rained in the afternoon so by the time we came back it was slightly cooler, but mostly humid and lots of Mosquitos. We probably won't try this one again unless we're in the area.

The gazebos are very nice- we ate lunch in one. No tables, just benches, but one is right on a fishing pier, another has a nice view of Turtle Lake, and a third is surrounded by the wild grasses. There may have been more, but those were the ones we saw. It was heron mating season so we did see some herons in the distance. The trails were paved and relatively level. Lots of bikers at the time we came, but the path is wide enough that there weren't any collisions. We looped around one area that was 1.25 miles and then went partway down the 2 mile path that goes to another parking area. Very peaceful, very pretty, but too many bugs.

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