Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Detour: Wisconsin Dells Day 3 - August 19

Sunday, August 18

After the frenzy of discussing every possible thing we could have done on Saturday, we decided to schedule our Sunday activities to try and get everything done.

We started by getting up at 7, which was a relief as our youngest was up again in the night. At 7:30 the hotel breakfast buffet opened, so we headed over on the beautiful but cold morning and once again our 3 year old was excited as there were more donuts! They were the mini store bought kind, but he still enjoyed them. My husband and I stuck to the sausage, bacon, and freshly made-to-order omelets.

After breakfast we got ready to go take photos at the Waterpark. This entailed having our little guy in his stroller so one of us could be in the catching zone for our big boy, and the other could be taking photos near our little guy. He had a lot of fun, which you can see in the photos. We even got him to try a second slide. He was so excited to be walking around the pool and up the stairs on his own. I would remind him to walk, and he would slow down and walk so exaggeratedly that I would crack up. After a bit we took him to other parts and brought our little guy into the water as well. We still had other plans for the day, so around 11 we convinced our big boy that it was time to leave.

After a quick shower and change, we went back downtown. We had originally planned to go eat lunch, but we weren't that hungry so instead we went straight to the dock so we could go on the boat tour. That was a small mistake as our big boy must have gotten hungry and of course I didn't bring snacks for him. There was a vending machine nearby but I hadn't brought any cash. A couple in front of us heard our boy whining and the lady asked if it was alright for her to buy him some snacks. So he got some chex mix and she got a new friend.

The boat tour was a beautiful 2.5 hour tour of the Dells, including two stopping points where we got up and walked through different areas. It was a little bit of a hassle with a stroller, but we got through it. If we do it again we'll wait until the boys are older and can walk on their own. We got some great photos, and videotaped the dog jumping to stand rock which is where the proof of the first shutter for a camera was taken. On the 20 minute ride back from the last stop, our big boy fell asleep in my lap just as my little guy woke up hungry at my feet (my husband was in a different row due to a packed boat). So I got to try and rock the little guy back to sleep while not waking up the big boy. Overall the boat ride was still worth it.

After the boat ride we were all hungry, so we went to Monk's at the Wilderness resort for an early dinner (it was around 4). It had good reviews, but it wasn't quite as tasty as I had hoped. I had the Cuban sandwich which wasn't very authentic, and my husband had the Reuben, which is now his second favorite version (1st is still Jason's Deli). We got the pasta kids meal for our big boy, and it took a while as he was VERY cranky after being woke up, but he enjoyed it once he tried it. We decided on the peanut butter pie for dessert, and that was magnificent.

We had originally planned on going to the International Crane Society for our walk in the evening, but we were exhausted, so just went back to the hotel to relax and download the photos. At 8:00 there was a clock show and story time in the lobby, so we headed there and our big boy seemed to enjoy it, although he was terrified of the big raccoon character (think friendly mascot-sized). Our little guy got cranky so I didn't get to see the clock show, but it seemed nice, if a bit outdated. Afterwards we decided to check out the gift shop and sweet shop in the lobby. We didn't buy any gifts, but did spend some money at the sweet shop for overpriced cereal for our big boy, overpriced watermelon and cantaloupe cups, and some wonderful pop. They have a machine that allows you to try different flavored of different pops (I think it said over 30 versions), so we tried coke zero with orange and coke zero with raspberry. The orange was definitely better, but it did cause us to stay up late due to the caffeine. We watched Lion King until our big boy fell asleep and then I went to bed while my husband surfed the Internet until the caffeine would let him sleep.

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